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Zorro was here

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Didn’t know he likes climbing trees 🙂

Glen Coe

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click one time for a much larger image!

The amazing landscape in the valley of Glen Coe, Scotland.

Going Forth

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For now a small break from the writing with images as i notice i like to share some photos too. This one was taken back in 2013. It was very impressive to stand in front of the Forth railway bridge near Edinburgh back in 2013. Such an amazing sight. And then to think it’s over a century old. I tried to create a bit of a mood in this picture. Really worked with the light and the contrast here, to emphasize the bridge and the clouds.

Rain in the forest


Rain forest

While staying in the rain forest, one can expect to have rain right? 🙂
So when we were in Cape Tribulation in the upper part of Queensland, we experienced quite a bit of showers. Very impressive to see it happen.

And with a roof over our heads, we had nothing to complain about either lol

Uluru up close


Uluru close up

Magical landscape surrounding the holy aboriginal mountain of Uluru. Way more green than i’d expected it to be. Really wonderful to have walked on sacred ground 🙂

The King’s Canyon


Kings Canyon panorama

This is another magical place in Australia, called Kings Canyon. A huge crater with steep cliffs and beautiful alienating stone structures and with a hidden oasis in the middle. Such a marvellous sight, it was a wonderful experience to have walked there!

This image contains 2 photographs which are stitched together.


Kangaroo on the watch


Wonderful sighting at Mareeba Rodeo Ground. Every night these wild kangaroos came onto the camping ground to feed on the grass. Pretty impressive to stand face to face with these friendly kangaroos. Some of em were very tall, man’s height. Here you can see them at sunset with termite hills in the background.