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Leave me your love


Early spring brings warm hydrangea love
Even though the flowers are long gone
Your heart essence remains strong


Flower Read Anthology


Bloemlezing klein2

Normally the English language helps me to express what i’m trying to portrait. This time though there is no good translation for what is evident in Dutch. The word Anthology is translated in Dutch as ‘Flower Read’. In Dutch the title is obvious, but there was no proper translation for this word.

The idea popped up yesterday and today while sitting in the sunshine, tried a few shots with this as a result.

ps. the book is called Ecology without Nature. This book is written by Timothy Morton, a Harvard professor and a very generous man.

Frost and a new lens


Frosty Hydrangea Frosty Hydrangea2

Thanks to my parents i now have a new lens in my collection. I don’t know yet which lens it is. It is an analog lens which doesn’t exactly fit to the Canon Eos 400D. But it is a bit smaller, so i can still use it. i just put it in front of the mirror and make images. It has a macro function which im already in love with after just a few shots! Bokehlicious and such sharpness!

So now im trying to find out if there is an extension or anything which i can use to connect this lens to the Canon. So far no luck, but im sure there is something out there. And otherwise i’ll just use my own little way. Bit unhandy, but at least i can use the lens 🙂

Like to share these 2 images i made today of frost on the Hydrangea. Beautiful sight with the light touching parts of the leaves covered in frost.

Katydids (Long-Horned Grasshoppers)

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This little fellow sat on my arm.. don’t know where it came from, it just appeared as out of nowhere. Not wanting to hurt the little fellow, i placed it on the Hydrangea in the garden. As it didn’t move after this move, i got time to take some close up shots of this marvellous creature!