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The Window


Wish you all a lovely weekend and if you go out with your camera, have a good photo hunt!


The White House

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Have been quite busy the last few days. But found a bit of time tonight to share this image of last weekend with you.

13: Slow down now


Slow down now. Take it easy. Take a deep breath

Sometimes i really need to remind myself of this. Slowing down comes natural for snails. Home is wherever they are.
I think we humans can learn a lot from snails. For me snails represent beautiful metaphors and a powerful reminder that it’s ok to take things a little more easy.
Why worry and hurry if you can achieve the same thing while being relaxed? Focusing is much more easy when we’re relaxed.
And we’ll get there in the end, just like the snails do. Just glide towards where you want to be and you’ll arrive there one day.

Speaking about the heart, why not see our heart as our true home? Everything else can be taken from us, but as long as we are alive our heart is with us. And if we take up compassion as our armor, we even have our own little shell protecting us just like the snails have…

Paklenica showing its beauty


A steep road brought us to this place, close to Paklenica National park and close to the coast in Croatia. Really intense ride up, but this view was well worth it πŸ™‚

The home of Nikola Tesla


The great inventor Nikola Tesla was born in present day Croatia in the town of Smiljan. His father was a priest for the local church. This church was rebuild and the family house stands there too. In front of both buildings is a statue of the inventor. Really a wonderful museum to visit, with lots of nice quotes by Tesla and some of the early inventions. The documentary on Nikola Tesla was both fascinating and alienating, as it showed some of the strange visionary flashes of light from which Nikola Tesla was suffering. He eventually learned to live with them. If you happen to be close by, please consider visiting this small museum. So many of his inventions have found their way into our homes. Why not visit the home where it all started? πŸ™‚

The Tree and the three of Orion


Tree and Orion4

While trying to capture some nice images of a mill i noticed this tree with the stars in the background. Tried a few shots and actually got quite a good result. Rushed home again to warm up and see the images. Right of the tree you can see the three stars of Orion’s Belt. A clear night this evening and even at the edge of the city there were still plenty of stars to see!

The Mansion



A photograph of a nice house somewhere around the city i live. Came across it today when i saw the reflection in the water. I decided to come back later, since there were some people standing right at the spot. Had a bit of a bad experience in the recent past, so i went on to stroll. Came back later to find the spot all to myself. So i took the opportunity to take a few shots and this is one of them. It’s a HDR, but i hope you don’t notice that lol

Click one time for a good image, the photograph isnt blurred actually πŸ˜‰

House at the lake


House at the lake

Which is not really a house, but a restaurant in the middle of a European oriented wildlife park near Anholt in Germany. It is based on Switserland, i must say they did a good job at recreating that feeling. Have been in Switserland and it really looks like the houses there.