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The Pier of Zadar



A panorama taken at the pier of Zadar

Holland Amerika Lijn


Holland Amerika Lijn

As i promised yesterday, this post is the original for Abstract Sky. It is a picture of the old warf building for Dutch travelers going to America, hence the name Holland Amerika Lijn (lijn is Dutch for line). It now serves as a hotel and it is very nice indeed to see this old building in between the giant cruise ships and the two towers surrounding this famous building.

Can you recognize the pattern from Abstract Sky? I can’t actually, but it’s probably part of the sky hehe

In between the giants

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Holland-Amerika Lijn6_klein

A picture from the Kop van Zuid, a famous strip of land in Rotterdam. The building in the building is the former headquarters of the Holland-America line, a boat company which brought a lot of passengers from Holland to America. Now it serves as a hotel, while being surrounded by giants.


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While underway in France we stopped at a small town called Châtel-Guyon, which was and still is famous for its thermen. But it’s a lot of old glory, in the glory days there were more than hundred hotels in this town. We enjoyed a nice rest on sunday and on monday we did a short walk to enjoy the view.
And now i’m back in the Netherlands.. strange to realize it has only been one week 🙂