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New Project

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hello ladies and gentlemen,

it’s quite incredible to see so many people coming to this blog again and again.Β  Could not have imagined that 4 years ago when i started blogging πŸ™‚
But i also remember that there is this other hobby of mine, which i have not given too much attention lately: writing

As somebody said me a few days ago: just start with it, otherwise it won’t happen. And i know he’s right. So i like to give a bit of an outline of this new project for you guys but also for myself.

Long have i felt that words and images go perfectly together. Whether it’s a poem or a few lines of text, it really can create a connection with what meets the eye. So i want to engage in exactly this. It will be challenging for me, cause i know that i only write when i am truly inspired. But I’m sure that once i’ve started, everything will work out just fine.

I haven’t decided yet whether it will be a weekly or a daily thing, but i’m just going to start anyway πŸ™‚

Please feel free to leave any comment, thoughts, critics, feedback. And please enjoy πŸ™‚

Warm regards,

ps. Day 1 is coming up!


Flowers in contrast

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Played a bit with the RAW file when suddenly this came to life. So i stopped further processing and i was actually thinking to increase the blue in the background. But i’ll show you the ‘original’ first. Have a great weekend all of you!

Sydney Coastline

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When we visited Sydney back in 2010 we also did a boat tour to the world famous Bondi beach. Up there a friend and i took a long hike along the coastline. Along the way we had this magnificient view of the coastline. Couldn’t resist taking a photograph.. a new hobby was born back then, and only last year did i realize it πŸ™‚