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Millau in Monochrome


This week’s Monochrome Madness entry for Leanne Cole’s website
Check out the gallery at http://leannecole.com.au/mm-4-7-monochrome-madness/

Paklenica showing its beauty


A steep road brought us to this place, close to Paklenica National park and close to the coast in Croatia. Really intense ride up, but this view was well worth it 🙂

Akaroa Bay

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Akaroa Bay2
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A picture from a day out with the Park Rangers during my internship back in 2008. We visited the hills near a small settlement called Akaroa (a former French colony) and up there the view was amazing! On one side you can see the ocean (https://pnco.wordpress.com/2013/03/28/oceans-view/) and on the other side while on our way back to the town this was the view!


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While underway in France we stopped at a small town called Châtel-Guyon, which was and still is famous for its thermen. But it’s a lot of old glory, in the glory days there were more than hundred hotels in this town. We enjoyed a nice rest on sunday and on monday we did a short walk to enjoy the view.
And now i’m back in the Netherlands.. strange to realize it has only been one week 🙂