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7: Vulnerable


With eyes wide open looking into the world
I can feel depths i have never felt before
Emotional states of being come and go
The variety of feelings seems never ending

Pain, joy, sadness and laughter
All blended together in the stomach
The head is full of profound thoughts
While it tries to think no thoughts at all

How can i bare all of life’s bombarding
The senses in continuous overdrive
To keep up with this exhausting rhythm
Though i never felt his much aliveness

As the cocoon slowly breaks and opens up
Life touches and tickles in many ways
This new found sensitivity is very special
It just requires time to learn how to play



Crane bird

Long ago i had the wish to see
The majesty of this bird so free
Famous for its courtship dance
So when I actually had a glance
I couldn’t believe my very eyes
Almost too big was the surprise
As the sight becomes a regularity
I realize that it’s a actually a rarity
Endangered in our low countryside
Yet the cranes don’t choose to hide
Today again the two stand fine
Oh so very close to the railway line
Do other people care to take a look
Standing there, straight from a fairytale book
Probably best if you remain a hidden treasure
Hidden in plain sight, such a funny pleasure

Waterfall in the forest

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Another photo of Plitvice Lakes National Park from Croatia. I found it very cool to see a waterfall in the middle of the forest. Most of the waterfalls are standing out by themselves, but this one was a bit hidden. Still hard to miss, but more integrated into its surroundings. Couldn’t cut down the trees (and if i could, i wouldn’t lol), so i left them in frame.

If you live in Europe, or get the change to go.. Croatia is a great place to visit! Not to expensive and a lot of wonderful nature!

The Flow


Thanks to Iosatel (http://theobviousandhidden.com/) i got inspired to look into my archive and search for a picture which would be fit for a B/W transmutation. This picture is the first of a serie i think, cause with the weather being gray and wet i prefer to stay inside a bit more. Also i have starting a creative course for which i want to first explore the possibilities before putting them online. Anyways, i’ll keep on posting, perhaps some new stuff and otherwise older photos which weren’t posted here before. As always, have a nice weekend and thanks for visiting!


Flow klein

ps. funny to see this looking somewhat like chainsaw if you rotate it 90 degrees:

Flow klein