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Euromast: Rotterdam’s Tallest

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Euromast klein

The famous eyecatcher of Rotterdam, the Euromast, has an elevator which brings you up +200 meters in the air while spiraling along the central column. When i first moved upward i was a bit shocked to notice we would turn around the central column. But then i realized that as we were all buckled in our seatbelts, we needed to go round to see the entire cityscape. This is from another time, when we were strolling the city. Took this photo while passing through and found it today. Never edited it before, but i think in this cut out it its actually quite a nice architectural picture..

Wish you a nice weekend in advance!

The Crane Driver



This man was all concentration, while moving parts of a roof at the building site in front of the house. And afterwards he drove away with the mobile crane himself. Multitalented!

View over the Vragenderveen


As promised some more pictures in a gallery of the Vragenderveen with the watchtower. Really amazing view over the bog, which covers quite a large area. They even got Crane birds in here, wonderful to see them. Don’t know whether i’ll be able to catch them on camera though as they’re very much secluded


Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Salisbury klein

Photo from Salisbury Cathedral, transformed to black and white and enhanced it a bit by dramatizing the scenery 🙂


Edinburgh Street Life

Edinburgh street

As i was strolling through the photo collection of our 2013 trip to Scotland i found out that my dad has much more an eye for the street(s) than i do. This is one such example. Beautiful colored houses, and a lovely street in general. Great to see his pictures too, since he took a lot of nice photographs very much worth sharing. To be continued?!

The Hague Tower



Yesterday together with a group we visited The Hague, the city of the parliament in the Netherlands. On the way back to the train station i took this picture with the smartphone. Had my EOS camera with me, but there was little time so i decided to only use the Galaxy S2 🙂

A merry Christmas to you all!