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The White House

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Have been quite busy the last few days. But found a bit of time tonight to share this image of last weekend with you.

The Watchtower


Another image of the castle ‘Muiderslot’ in the Netherlands in rainy weather



Last week we had a day out with the colleagues at work and we visited famous Dutch castle Muiderslot. Took a few shots to make a panorama/wide angle shot and gave it a bit of a personal touch. This is the result πŸ™‚

7: Vulnerable


With eyes wide open looking into the world
I can feel depths i have never felt before
Emotional states of being come and go
The variety of feelings seems never ending

Pain, joy, sadness and laughter
All blended together in the stomach
The head is full of profound thoughts
While it tries to think no thoughts at all

How can i bare all of life’s bombarding
The senses in continuous overdrive
To keep up with this exhausting rhythm
Though i never felt his much aliveness

As the cocoon slowly breaks and opens up
Life touches and tickles in many ways
This new found sensitivity is very special
It just requires time to learn how to play

Natural fence



At the children’s farm they have this little piece of fence made of willow branches. In the adjacent forest there is a larger natural hedge. As i was strolling took a few images.. Used HDR to create a more dreamy look. Wish you all a lovely weekend (or what’s still left of it πŸ˜‰ )

Over the Hedge


Over de heg klein

Lean on, balance yourself for the act. Just as the dragonfly easily balances itself on a branch, i had to balance myself and lean over a little beech hedge to get this shot. At first i was not too happy that the dragonfly had moved from a ‘better’ spot, but seeing the shot with the leaves out of focus actually creates quite a nice atmosphere πŸ™‚ Well, at least that’s what i see in it lol

Oamaru Train Station

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Omaru Station klein

A 3 photograph panorama with a lot of editing needed for the air. Back in 2008 i wasnt taking into account extra cutting space for a panorama, so i must consider myself lucky with this result lol. Had to cut away a lot of the nice hedges you can still see in the front, but the rest of this beautiful old railway station in Omaru New Zealand still shows some of its splendor! Should go back to redo this one πŸ˜‰

First Butterfly of the season: Common Brimstone

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Citroentje Orton klein
Creative Commons License

Yesterday while enjoying the lovely weather in the garden, this green/yellow friend came and visit the garden. Luckily it stopped right at the hedge. I had my camera with telelens ready so i could capture it. The light was a bit harsh, but some post-editing made the light a little softer.. Have a great insect hunting season.. just one thing: only hunt with the camera πŸ˜‰

Playing with the full moon

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Creative Commons License

Picture i took yesterday night in the garden. The moon was shining through the clouds and i tried a 30 sec shutter to see what it would create. It’s not the best picture i took, but nevertheless wanted to show it to you. I might have to use a filter to get more contrast into the clouds. Perhaps i can try that tonight πŸ™‚