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2: Follow the Heart


As you take your first few steps
Know mother´s always there
Right behind you helping you out
She guides you along the way

Be brave my little one
Let go of fears and doubts
In this sacred dance of life
Go beyond all suffering

Be strong my little child
Just enjoy the ride
Trust and follow your own heart
Then nothing’s left behind

We were all young one day
Learning from mistakes
So if you fall to the ground
We help you to stand up

There will be pain and tears
And joy and happiness
So whatever you become
Don´t take life too serious

Listen to your own heart
It´s the wisest thing to do
All you need to know is there
Just follow it right through

Trust and just let it all go
The loving heart will flow
Trust and follow your own heart
There’s nothing else to do

The heart, she waits for you
Are you coming soon?

The heart, she calls for you
Can you hear her too?

© PNCO 2017





May all beings be free from all the inner and outer suffering
May all beings live from the heart while resting the mind
May all beings experience ever increasing happiness
May all beings find the peace within that is forever lasting



May all beings be happy

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Haven’t been around much lately due to unforseen circumstances, but i am well alive and kicking. I’m hoping to soon start photographing and blogging more in the near future. Untill then, i’d like to share with you a wish common amongst Buddhist practioners, but which is actually an universal wish:
May all beings be happy
In Dutch it is translated as: Moge alle wezens gelukkig zijn