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The Snail


Slak1 Slak2 Slak3

3 images of the same snail. As the weather is moist, the snails are very active. This one was hanging at a branch, or perhaps it’s better to call it climbing. Oh wait, i realize that hanging is part of climbing too πŸ™‚

Much fun to play with Nik collection. The last 2 are made with the Analog Efex plugin, really love that one!

Hanging on


Overblijfsel Tulp ZW Overblijfsel Tulp

These tulips are weeks old, almost gone, but still the flowers remain colorful. Tried to capture this with a macro shot and while was editing it, a black and white version had to be made too. So here are two images for you. The red you see on the right, is from the red wall so it’s not painted digitally hehe

Hanging On

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A fresh Beautiful Demoiselle drying in between two sticky leaves of a sticky plant. So delicate altogether, and yet he/she managed to hang on while i tried to get closer.. lucky the Demoiselle didn’t fell off.. Another lesson learned as a photographer: don’t interrupt your subject/environment too much!