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My entry for this weeks Monochrome Madness

Turning night into day


A friendly person on another website asked me to post a B&W image without the vignette you see on the first image. So i thought it would be fun to show the original image in color too as it shows the difference between the 3. A difference of day and night 🙂

ps. i’ll be off for a few days. Hope to return with nice pictures

Reflection in the Ditch

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A couple of weeks ago i posted some pictures of a sunset at the bog. When i got back i saw this beautiful reflection of a fence in the ditch, but it was too dark to make a good picture. Yesterday i heard cranes were sighted, so i decided to go back and took my camera with me. And ofcourse, the first thing i did was taking this photograph. I like the depth the reflection creates!

And the cranes.. saw them close by when i almost got home again lol