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Glen Coe

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The amazing landscape in the valley of Glen Coe, Scotland.


Walking in the forest


Close to Glen Coe in Scotland my father and i did a 2 hour hike. Great place to walk, with beautiful pine forests and every now and then a great view over the Glen. These are two images of the walk which i gave a personal touch

Walking in the forest kleiner

Walking in the forest2

Glen Coe Panorama (EOS 400D)

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GlenCoe Panorama-2
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I posted this one before in a panorama made with the Sony Xperia S Phone (https://pnco.wordpress.com/2013/10/07/glen-coe-panorama/). But this one is made with the Canon EOS 400D and contains a lot more detail. This panorama consists of 7 pictures.

Glen Coe Panorama


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“The name Glen Coe is often said to mean “Glen of Weeping”, perhaps with some reference to the infamous Massacre of Glencoe which took place there in 1692. However, “Gleann Comhann” does not translate as “Glen of Weeping”. In fact the Glen is named after the River Coe which runs through it, and bore this name long before the 1692 incident. The name of the river is believed to predate the Gaelic language and its meaning is not known. One possibility is that it was named after a tribe once living in the area; however this remains speculation. It is also possible that the name stems from an individual personal name, Comhan (gen. Chomhain).[1]”