Mostly photography, with the occasional philosophical contemplation

The Traveler


The Traveler

Never worries about the time
Unaware of the path traveled
Just continuing onward
The journey happens as you slide
Each moment uniquely yours
Ready to be shared with the world
When you get back home safe

So why not bring your house with you?




The warmth is soothing today
Your soft fragrance fills the garden
Inviting me to come closer to you
Carefully I push away your leaves
This time you allow me to remove
Your veil of secrecy and protection
As I watch you naked in the eyes
Your floral hands suddenly grab me
Embracing me with your lightning beauty
I never could have dreamed that
You would ask me to join for a dance

And yet, here we are dancing the tango


Flower Read Anthology


Bloemlezing klein2

Normally the English language helps me to express what i’m trying to portrait. This time though there is no good translation for what is evident in Dutch. The word Anthology is translated in Dutch as ‘Flower Read’. In Dutch the title is obvious, but there was no proper translation for this word.

The idea popped up yesterday and today while sitting in the sunshine, tried a few shots with this as a result.

ps. the book is called Ecology without Nature. This book is written by Timothy Morton, a Harvard professor and a very generous man.