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Who wants to play a game of Domino?


30: Icecold Nightmare

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Icecold Nightmare

Demons hunt you down
They are trying to catch you
In their spiderweb

Deep within your sleep
You fight with all the demons
Fearing for your life

Trapped in the corner
Demons are screaming to you –
Surrender or die!

Just before you faint
You see the spider coming
Fangs ready to strike….



Suddenly you wake
And you start to realize
It was just a dream

One scary nightmare
You were lost dreaming again
Fooled by the mindgame

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The Game

What’ll happen if we’d stop looking the other way

But instead realize this isn’t our game to play

There’s nothing that needs to be done

For there’s nothing new under the sun


The game of power, the game of fear

The game of attention to make us hear

The game to make us believe in lies

The game to bind us with invisible ties


What if it only exists in our minds

That which attaches, that which binds

Uncertain of its own natural ground

Needing to fill silence with continuous sound


Realize that all you are reading

Is written by an ego which is bleeding

For it has discovered itself to be an illusion

And now finds itself trapped in delusion


Yet down deep there is an inner Knowing

That which makes the wind blowing

That which shines in the stars day and night

That which is never out of sight


This inner Knowing wants me to see

That this Knowing is no other than me

And for once in my life i am glad

That I am not apart from All-That-Is that


as posted on a blog of a friend of mine @ http://rnull.wordpress.com