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Muiden Harbor


Last weekend went away with friends and we stayed at a boat which you can rent through Airbnb.. pretty cool! And this was the view, looking into the harbor of the town of Muiden (close to Amsterdam)





The Haringvlietdam connects the island of Voorne-Putten with the island of Goerree-Overflakkee and is part of the Delta works which were build after the flood of ’53. It’s a big dam located in the south west of the Netherlands. Impressive structure and we got treated with a typically dutch cloud landscape


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thijs-zoom-klein thijs-zoom-kleur-klein

Thijs wanted to say hi to all of you bloggers

Thijs is the son of a friend of mine and this portrait was made while we were visiting the zoo. He’s a keen and curious fellow, lovely to have had him and the other small ones with us on that day!

Giro D’Italia

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Today two friends and i went to the start of the Giro d’Italia in Apeldoorn, a city about 100km from where i live. As it was great weather, it was pretty busy in the city. At the start there is a Velodrome where the riders were to start. Before that we strolled through the parking lot where the buses of the various themes were standing. Saw a lot of riders and we then checked the start from the inside.

We then checked a bit of the course before we went to the city to find a bit of comfort and shade. Altogether a very nice event to watch and due to the great weather it was actually very crowded. Great crowd and great fun! And to top it of for the dutchies, a Dutch rider named Tom Dumoulin managed to win the prologue by no less than 2 hundreds of a second and may now ride in the pink jersey.

I leave you with a few shots of the day.

Waimakariri River



Saw this image some time ago on the blog, but as the years passed, i also learned a bit about horizon. So i edited this image and straightened it. One of the great memories from back in 2008 in New Zealand, we camped at this river called Waimakariri or Waimak for short. Very rocky and as it was the dry(er) season, not so much water. Wonderful stars at night and this beautiful scenery during the daytime

Fireworks bringing us 2016



Captured a bit of fireworks last night with my parents cam. Turned out pretty great, thanks to the group of people who lit all those nice fireworks.

Wish you all a great and inspiring 2016 with wisdom to guide you, love to lead you and your heart to be open and flowering. Basically, enjoy your life! πŸ˜€


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At the end of september last year we had a weekend of with friends. One of the activities was sailing with 2 boats. We had amazing weather (we tend to have great weather every year with this weekend :)) and the sky was amazing. This is a picture of a small marina somewhere along the route. Couldnt resist using the smartphone to take this picture.. πŸ™‚