Mostly photography, with the occasional philosophical contemplation


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The creek flowing through the forest, while the floor is covered with colorful leaves

Amethyst deceiver


Beautiful name for this beautiful mushroom, which i came across today in the forest near the children’s farm. Autumn has arrived!

There it was

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Walking in the forest at the end of the day
Worries of work and life have to give way
For what can withstand the stillness?
If only there is a tiny bit of willingness
To listen and to see without the senses

The trunk

Only being there as the dance advances
Heart to heart with the flowers and trees
Both enjoying the chilling warm breeze
With the sunlight touching the landscape
Highlighting beauty of various size and shape



Saint Nicolas Basilica


Saint Nicolas Basilica

This image was taken by my father or mother (not sure lol) while they were away with friends in the area around the city of Utrecht.

My part in this image? I only straightened the image and fixed the colors as the church was a bit yellow. Glad to see my parents make lovely images with the new camera too!


Up close

Pooh klein

As Bailey Boat Cat would say: happy caturday 🙂
Portrait from Pooh lying on the ground. Saturated the eye a bit and desaturated the rest of the image. Looking into a cat’s face is always intruiging..


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Every time you are there to announce the arrival of abundance
The forest floor is filled with white delight and spring´s fragrance
Carpeting the whole world year after year after year
Non-profit organisation FSC* is finally back here

* forest softening carpentersBosanemoon