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The White House

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Have been quite busy the last few days. But found a bit of time tonight to share this image of last weekend with you.

Brown Argus


Brown Argus

Little butterfly

Thinking about you
I wonder can I find you?
And you just showed up!

This haiku is actually describing what happened yesterday at the local children’s farm. I was wondering whether i could find an Argus butterfly in a field of flowers and the moment i had this thought, i saw (what turned out to be) a Brown Argus. Really cool small butterflies with a blue touch. And so i’m very happy with the result πŸ™‚

The sun setting in the water

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Yesterday while strolling around to find some nice places to photograph i stopped at a bridge over a creek. The sun had almost sunk below the horizon, so i decided to take a few pictures to capture this moment in time. I’m happy with the colored reflection in the water. Did a bit of post-editing to enhance the colors, cause i wanted to have colors in the sky too.