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The Discovery of Heaven

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“Even extraordinary circumstances could seem perfectly natural, simply because they were as they were; and in that case the awareness of their extraordinariness only dawned when others found them extraordinary.”

Quote comes from the famous Dutch book Discovery of Heaven by late writer Harry Mulish

Changing perspective


The same stairs as yesterday’s post, but now looking downwards instead of upwards. What a difference.. simply love the play of perspective

Loving Fibonacci


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Nature’s attempt to create perfection out of imperfection has brought us a lot of knowledge. Fibonacci discovered the pattern nature uses (1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 etc) and this amazing line of numbers will almost have a perfect resemblance of the number Phi (The Golden Mean). Flowers grow using Fibonacci in their patterns and form spirals and this little flower is no exception. Did you know that our body is full of golden means? If you’re interested in more information on this, check out this amazing book by Gyorgy Dozci