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I’m coming for you, my love



Aint he a beauty? Pokito a little donkey at the childrens farm

Natural fence



At the children’s farm they have this little piece of fence made of willow branches. In the adjacent forest there is a larger natural hedge. As i was strolling took a few images.. Used HDR to create a more dreamy look. Wish you all a lovely weekend (or what’s still left of it 😉 )


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Roodborstje klein

The little Robin i talked about a few blogposts ago has been around, but i haven’t been able to get a better photograph. So i share with you the best so far, which is this one where the little chatter is sitting on the fence guarding the vegetables from cats sneaking in lol. I wish you all a great day!

Zebra Finch

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A series of the zebrafinches.. The sound these little Zebra Finches make always reminds me of a clip made by Pixar. They´re so famous nowadays, who doesn’t know their movies (e.g. Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc etc).. one of my personal favorites is a short clip called ‘For the Birds’ – check out the clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzimNEikhWM

The Mansion



A photograph of a nice house somewhere around the city i live. Came across it today when i saw the reflection in the water. I decided to come back later, since there were some people standing right at the spot. Had a bit of a bad experience in the recent past, so i went on to stroll. Came back later to find the spot all to myself. So i took the opportunity to take a few shots and this is one of them. It’s a HDR, but i hope you don’t notice that lol

Click one time for a good image, the photograph isnt blurred actually 😉

Sunset in the Periphery


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Couldn’t choose which photo was the nicest, so i decided to post all the good ones from last thursday. It was a nice sunset to behold and i tried a variety of positions. Have a nice weekend all!

Reflection in the Ditch

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Creative Commons License

A couple of weeks ago i posted some pictures of a sunset at the bog. When i got back i saw this beautiful reflection of a fence in the ditch, but it was too dark to make a good picture. Yesterday i heard cranes were sighted, so i decided to go back and took my camera with me. And ofcourse, the first thing i did was taking this photograph. I like the depth the reflection creates!

And the cranes.. saw them close by when i almost got home again lol