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The Dragonlady and her prince


A few images from last week when visiting a local creek. Found a dragonfly lady and close by was her prince waiting for a kiss πŸ™‚

Beautiful demoiselle mating


A close-up of the mating of a male (blue) and female (green) Beautiful Demoiselle. Latin name is Calopteryx virgo


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Blackbird Female2-2 klein

Blackbird2 klein

These two Blackbirds were very easy to approach. They didnΒ΄t hide when i got close to them. As the lady Blackbird went into the bushes it might very well be, they have a nest in the front garden. That would be interesting πŸ™‚
Wish you all a lovely weekend

European Pied Flycatcher

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Getting ready to land

Bonte Vliegenvanger (vrouw)2 klein

Spotted and photographed this female European pied flycatcher at the childrens farm. Lovely little bird! Also spotted the male bird, but the photographs didn’t work out that well πŸ™‚

ps. thanks to Laura Macky (http://www.lauramacky.com & https://lauramacky.wordpress.com/) for the theme inspiration. I wasn’t happy with not seeing images if i didn’t choose a featured image and everything double when i did choose an image. So now a new theme, the Yoko theme πŸ˜€

Female Dragon(fly) Power!!

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Madame Bosbeekjuffer-2
After posting a lot of male dragonflies it is time to be captivated by a female dragonfly. This lady gave me the opportunity to come up close and take a good look at her.. Beauty is in the eye of the (dragon’s) beholder!! πŸ˜‰

To make things clear, this is the female counterpart of the Beautiful Demoiselle i posted last week (Beautiful Demoiselle)