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Look Carefully

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She’s watching your every move!


A Cow’s Triptych

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Took a few shots of cows at an organic farm last week and played a bit with em. This is the result


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Today it was pretty cold. There was no real colorful sunset, but at the same time a lot of fog was developing. So i decided to take a few pictures of it and post 2 of them here. Hope you all had a great Christmas with friends and/or family and that you are ready to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new! Happy last week of 2014!


Foggy klein


Foggy ZW klein

Auzzie Windmill

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Old Windmill-klein Old Windmill-klein2

Two versions of this windmill somewhere in rural Australia. The size of the farms in Australia is almost incomparable with those here in the Netherlands. 50 km2 is a normal size in Australia, whereas a farmer with 50 acres here is a pretty big farmer. Ground fertility and flat land makes quite a difference i guess.

Sunset in the Periphery


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Couldn’t choose which photo was the nicest, so i decided to post all the good ones from last thursday. It was a nice sunset to behold and i tried a variety of positions. Have a nice weekend all!

Red sun at the farm II

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Farm at Sunset2_klein
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The red sunset of last wednesday was great! I took a lot of pictures and i already posted one. But i cant resist sharing one more picture! This time you can see a little bit more of the farm and i left the format the way it was. Gives a bit more wide view of this amazing spectacle. Hope you can forgive me for posting another picture so soon after the other πŸ˜‰