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Father & Son


Vader en zoon klein

Father and son going out fishing at sunset, while we would stay behind and enjoy the view 🙂


The home of Nikola Tesla


The great inventor Nikola Tesla was born in present day Croatia in the town of Smiljan. His father was a priest for the local church. This church was rebuild and the family house stands there too. In front of both buildings is a statue of the inventor. Really a wonderful museum to visit, with lots of nice quotes by Tesla and some of the early inventions. The documentary on Nikola Tesla was both fascinating and alienating, as it showed some of the strange visionary flashes of light from which Nikola Tesla was suffering. He eventually learned to live with them. If you happen to be close by, please consider visiting this small museum. So many of his inventions have found their way into our homes. Why not visit the home where it all started? 🙂

The sun going down


Zonsondergang FB

_MG_9249_50_51_tonemappedFB _MG_9282_3_4_tonemapped FB2 The sunset yesterday evening was pretty nice with the sun shining forth from under the clouds. Visited a former garbage dump turned into an artificial hill together with my dad to do a few shots. It was fun to be up there watching the sun set.