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A Falkirk Bath


My entry for this week’s monochrome madness as hosted by Leanne Cole

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The Falkirk Bath


I’ve been quite busy lately, so not much time to blog. But today found some time to have a little bit of fun with a few images. And learned a cool new trick too 🙂

Falkirk Wheel in Black & White

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Falkirk ZW

note 1: posted this one before – https://pnco.wordpress.com/2014/02/09/falkirk-wheel-from-above/ – and as i saw this one, i thought it would be fun to redo this one in B&W
note 2: this is a post to remind myself that black goes together with white, just as much as the reflection can’t be separated from the source

Falkirk Wheel from above

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This is the view of the Falkirk Wheel when you’re on the actual channel with a boat. We did the tour – going up and down the wheel, which is a boatlift – and it was very nice. The weather was bad when we went up, it was pouring down on the roof of the boat. But as we started our way back, the sun came back creating these nice reflections in the water.