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The Falkirk Bath


I’ve been quite busy lately, so not much time to blog. But today found some time to have a little bit of fun with a few images. And learned a cool new trick too πŸ™‚

A Fairytale




While trying to capture two Greylag goose, i didn’t notice the camera settings were set to manual and were set for photographing in a shaded part of the forest. So the settings were a little too much to get a sharp photo of the geese, but it created this image. Transformed it to black and white since there was hardly any color left lol

Bittersweet Goodbye


Sunset at the Beach2-3 WP

The last evening in Croatia we had a marvellous sunset.. beautiful scenery combined with a calm sea and wonderful colors. Really amazing place Croatia. Now one and a half week home it’s nice to have these kinds of memories left to explore πŸ™‚


Lightning strikes

Yesterday after the storm clouds it indeed turned into lightning later on. Later than expected the thunder and lightning kept me busy until late night. I was surprised to see that I’d catched the lightning on the camera. This is one of the photos from last night


Sunset Reflections


Panorama meer-3 klein

A picture of a man-made lake with the trees starting to color. Couldnt find anything interesting for the foreground, so i used the edge of the lake for some more depth. Picture is made up of 9 pictures, 3 for each section of this panorama. Three different exposures per section which created more color in the sky and in the reflections. Enhanced the colors a bit, added a little contrast and there she is.. Hope you like her

The Bridge (HDR)

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Today i went out again to capture the coloring of the forest. I ended up at a spot i’ve visited often in the past. And since i was there and enjoyed myself, i made some pictures with various exposures. Back at home using the computer i was able to create this HDR of the bridge and the creek. I tried to keep it as natural as possible; i don’t really like the over-the-top HDR. it was good to be out photographing again!

Brug over beek2_2_klein