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Rotterdam Towers



The Kop van Zuid is an area in Rotterdam situated along the Maas river and is developing into a very modern part of the city with large skyscrapers. Took a few images a while back when i was in Rotterdam and made a new edit today. Shot taken from the Erasmus bridge

Monochrome Madness: The Bird’s Beak



Played with an image of the Erasmusbridge which was taken in Rotterdam. This will be my entry for this week´s Monochrome Madness, hosted by Leanne Cole
To me it looks like a bird´s beak

The Star of Rotterdam


Rotterdam star

The infamous Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam has become the icon of the new skyline. Tried to give it a personal touch.
Used this image (https://pnco.wordpress.com/2014/05/16/de-zwaan/) to create this ‘star’. Really love symmetrical photography 🙂

Rotterdam and the Erasmusbridge

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Rotterdam Skyline kleiner
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Last saturday i visited the city of Rotterdam, to visit some friends and to go to a conference on sunday. On saturday we strolled through the city and visited the Erasmusbridge, a bridge i wanted to go to for quite some time now. First we went to this point, where we had a nice lookout over the river Maas and part of the skyline of Rotterdam. I took 16 pictures to create this panorama, if you want to see a bigger picture, click one time on the image.