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A Falkirk Bath


My entry for this week’s monochrome madness as hosted by Leanne Cole

You can see the entire collection from tomorrow at http://leannecole.com.au/blog


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Colored Cathedral

Colored Cathedral

Another image of the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, this time set straight and with a bit of color.


Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Salisbury klein

Photo from Salisbury Cathedral, transformed to black and white and enhanced it a bit by dramatizing the scenery πŸ™‚


Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor klein

The famous Glastonbury Hill with the Tower (Tor) on top of it. As i understand from a reader of this blog, this tower is featured in the Mists of Avalon. Have the book ready to read. Perhaps i should give it a try πŸ™‚

Clouds over Stonehenge

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Stonehenge druk klein
Creative Commons License

Posted this one before as a cut-out, but wanted to show you guys the full picture too since the clouds looked fantastic on that lovely sunny day in September.. Ofcourse, the picture is taken at Stonehenge!

Beautiful Bath

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Beautiful Bath_klein
Creative Commons License

Last year visited Bath, an old city with lots and lots of beautiful buildings.. right now this area is probably flooded.. can’t imagine what its like to live in the flooded parts of England.. Wish you all the best and hopefully it will stop raining soon!


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Stonehenge 2 kl
Stonehenge kl
Stonehenge ZW 2
Stonehenge1 kl
Creative Commons License

Stonehenge.. what a sight! And what a busy sight lol.. it was crowded when we got there, understandable since the weather was absolutely perfect.. yet i managed to make a pic where i only had to remove 2 persons from the side of the picture.. didnt look that way when we got there πŸ™‚

So i did a little bit of mixing up.
First one is Stonehenge in color, background b&w
Second one is Stonehenge in b&w, background in color
Third one is Stonehenge and background in b&w
Fourth one is Stonehenge and background in color

I was wondering.. which one has your preference? Let me know what you think!

Avebury Stonecircle

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Avebury Stonecircle_edited-1 (2)
Creative Commons License

A detail of the Avebury Stonecircle. This one is probably larger in total size than Stonehenge and has a unique feature: the town of Avebury lies within the stonecircle area.. there is actually a couple of roads which cross the stonecircle πŸ™‚