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Played with a photo from Lavender which is growing in the front garden

A Fairytale


Mega Mix


Mega Mix klein

Found out about Nik software a few weeks ago on a website and have given it a try. Today i found out about silver line efex pro.. and i love it πŸ™‚ What a perfect way to play with photographs. At least, that’s what i think. This is an image taken from my window. This large thing used for cement is standing across the street. Found the name pretty awesome, so i took an image during sunset. But i felt this image could use a little extra, so i did give it a tiny bit of post-editing πŸ˜‰

Amsterdam Central


Amsterdam Centraal

Played a bit with an old image. Inspired by many photographers i see on a Dutch photo website, i tried to create a special industrial look. The sky was a bit of a nightmare with all the overexposed spots, so instead i just removed the sky and replaced it by a grey color and added a bit of noise. Very much fun to do cause it’s so different compared to how i would normally edit an image.

De Haar Castle



One of the biggest castles in the Netherlands, De Haar castle is a truly amazing sight. Picture taken by my parents and the post-editing done by me. Would love to do some long exposures at this spot on a calm and cloudy day πŸ™‚

Abstract Sky



When i tried to straighten a photograph from the Rotterdam series, this is what Lightroom thought was straight.. I’ll post the photo i used for this one soon!
And this result is actually quite surprising and good πŸ™‚




Last saturday i had a wedding at a beautiful location. In the morning the day after there was a lot of fog. Had the camera with me and took a few pics. Tried to create a bit of a magical atmoshophere, by enhancing (enchanting) a bit. That’s another way of saying it is a bit photoshopped πŸ˜‰

Fire and Flames


Fire and Flames klein
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I’m noticing more and more that i like the abstract. Perhaps it has to do with me still learning the camera and that the pictures sometimes lack 100% sharpness, i don’t know. But actually it doesn’t matter, cause i really like the editing process. Playing around with the colors, saturation etc almost feels like painting πŸ™‚

This picture is a deliberate unsharp picture from orange moss i took yesterday. And i must say that i like the result, so as always i’m curious what you think πŸ™‚

Old Volvo

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Volvo klein
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This old Volvo was standing in the streets of Rotterdam. I remembered seeing an edit of another car and wanted to try it myself too. This is the result. Funny thing is that on another site where i posted this picture, someone mentioned that another user had photographed the exact same car earlier. I did see that picture, but i didn’t realize it was that the same car..

Have a nice weekend all!