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Going Forth

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For now a small break from the writing with images as i notice i like to share some photos too. This one was taken back in 2013. It was very impressive to stand in front of the Forth railway bridge near Edinburgh back in 2013. Such an amazing sight. And then to think it’s over a century old. I tried to create a bit of a mood in this picture. Really worked with the light and the contrast here, to emphasize the bridge and the clouds.


Knights of the Castle


Knight1 Knight2

Robert the Bruce and William Wallace scrulptured in stone at the entrance gate to Edinburgh Castle

Knight of Edinburgh


Knight of Edinburgh

As there is a castle in Edinburgh, you also need knights to defend it. So they placed two statues at the gate. This is one of them, i’ve converted the image to black and white for a little more drama πŸ™‚

Edinburgh Panorama


Edinburgh Skyline klein

Panorama of the railway station and the old part of the city in the background, where you can find the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle

hint: click on the image for a larger version


Edinburgh Street Life

Edinburgh street

As i was strolling through the photo collection of our 2013 trip to Scotland i found out that my dad has much more an eye for the street(s) than i do. This is one such example. Beautiful colored houses, and a lovely street in general. Great to see his pictures too, since he took a lot of nice photographs very much worth sharing. To be continued?!

Majestic City


Panorama Edinburgh klein
Please click one time for a larger version of this image. It’s a panorama of Edinburgh in Scotland as seen from Calton Hill.

Also uploaded it to photobucket, so if you’re interested, check out the fullsize here

Wisdom Keeper

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This is one of the many statues which can be found on the terrain of the Edinburgh Castle. I really loved the details on the buildings, like this monk and these elephants and rhino’s. Compliments to the builders!!