Mostly photography, with the occasional philosophical contemplation


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Mystical atmosphere

Little Bee

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This bee was resting after being hit by a rainstorm. Full of pollen she sat on the edge of this dandelion

In Winters Grip



We had quite a lot of snowfall yesterday, so i decided to go out for a stroll to take a few pictures. It’s nice when the image you have in your mind comes alive.

This is a panorama of 2 stitched photos

Different Angle

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Uluru seen from a different angle. This rock is very large and i was surprised at the variation of it. Edges, cliffs, steep parts, holes.. and ofcourse a bit of aboriginal drawings too. All together i liked it a lot!

Late light

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Lucht klein
After i had a temporary break from photographing, i started off one late evening trying to capture the sunset. It’s still difficult for me to find the exact right settings of the camera for those moments, but its always good to be out in the open to explore nature, the camera and the possibilities. So it’s not perfect, but i did like the colors in the sky that night 🙂