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Eagle Owl

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Made a new version of an earlier post

Such an impressive bird. Guess it comes with the looks 🙂


Nature’s Quarry



This is an image of a quarry where they used to mine for lime. Nowadays it’s a protected nature area where nature is free to roam. It already is succesful; since a few years a pair of Eagle Owls is breeding there. In the past when i was younger, i would go here at times to dig for fossils and pyrite (fools gold). So it was nice to visit it at the view day. This is an image of a part of a long side of the quarry. You can see the layers very clearly. In the front there is a bit of grass, beyond that is 30 meters down! Always wonderful to see how much influence perspective has on an image!


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Steenfabriek WP

Took this picture yesterday around sunset. This factory is still operating, though the activity was very limited due to the winter. This is the mine where they work, with the factory in the background. On the other side of the road (behind where i took this picture) is another deserted mine in which the Eagle Owl (Dutch name Oehoe) has bred for the last few years. And the spot was chosen as the best natural spot in the Netherlands. Typically Dutch i’d say, we choose a former mine as our best nature spot lol