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or as we call it in Dutch: Herfst



Last week we had a day out with the colleagues at work and we visited famous Dutch castle Muiderslot. Took a few shots to make a panorama/wide angle shot and gave it a bit of a personal touch. This is the result 🙂

Orange Country C(h)oppers

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Dutch police officers waiting just for the start of the prologue of the Giro d’Italia back in June of this year. Every rider had a police officer on bike as an escort.
But before the start, it was time to relax and have a chat with each other

Flower Read Anthology


Bloemlezing klein2

Normally the English language helps me to express what i’m trying to portrait. This time though there is no good translation for what is evident in Dutch. The word Anthology is translated in Dutch as ‘Flower Read’. In Dutch the title is obvious, but there was no proper translation for this word.

The idea popped up yesterday and today while sitting in the sunshine, tried a few shots with this as a result.

ps. the book is called Ecology without Nature. This book is written by Timothy Morton, a Harvard professor and a very generous man.

A Gallery full of Tulips


The tulips on the table are pretty amazing. Great for playing with the camera. Made a random selection, still got some editing to do. But couldn’t resist to send  you all some flowers as the weekend starts.
Wish you all a lovely weekend!

Red Admiral


Atalanta closed Atalanta open

First of all, what a cool name for this butterfly! In Dutch this species is called Atalanta – after the Latin name, but Red Admiral sounds very cool 🙂 Today I’ve got two photographs, one with the wings closed and one with the wings opened. Luckily the butterfly was buzzing around my head and landing close by so i could should both. My personal preference goes out to the wings closed, since this side of the wings is so incredibly patterned and colored. And yet, with it’s wings fully open, it’s also a beauty.. why would i make a choice anyway lol..