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Up close and green


Green Beetle2-2

Another look at the little green mint lover, this time a little closer by


Lake Reflections


Hilgelo met Riet en molen

The clouds reflect on themselves
As they drift off in the evening sky
Contemplating their existence
They’re sure to vanish in thin air

The water is receptive to all
View and motion touching
Its surface while the deep
Remains still and unmoved

The mill stands proud
As a tiny point in history
She carries the past in her bones
Long gone on this present day

Standing on the shore of the lake
I see that natural and man-made
Are not so different after all as
Each is contained in the flow of life

Dare to be different


Giraffes klein 2 Giraffes klein 3 Giraffes klein

Came across a photograph of 3 youngster Giraffes from a few years ago. Played a bit with it and came up with 3 versions. I was wondering which one you guys like the best 🙂 All 3 of them have something to them in my opinion, but i always appreciate to hear your opinion. Thanks!

Different Angle

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Uluru seen from a different angle. This rock is very large and i was surprised at the variation of it. Edges, cliffs, steep parts, holes.. and ofcourse a bit of aboriginal drawings too. All together i liked it a lot!