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Embrace Me


When i was visiting my brother and his girlfriend, i came across a beautiful canvas of a painting by Gustav Klimt. I have no idea which painting it is, but i found it striking. Very interesting patterns and such a subtle embrace. I just had to take a few detail shots of it..

Ofcourse all copyright belong to Gustav Klimt

Saint Nicolas Basilica


Saint Nicolas Basilica

This image was taken by my father or mother (not sure lol) while they were away with friends in the area around the city of Utrecht.

My part in this image? I only straightened the image and fixed the colors as the church was a bit yellow. Glad to see my parents make lovely images with the new camera too!

Wisdom Keeper

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This is one of the many statues which can be found on the terrain of the Edinburgh Castle. I really loved the details on the buildings, like this monk and these elephants and rhino’s. Compliments to the builders!!