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7: Vulnerable


With eyes wide open looking into the world
I can feel depths i have never felt before
Emotional states of being come and go
The variety of feelings seems never ending

Pain, joy, sadness and laughter
All blended together in the stomach
The head is full of profound thoughts
While it tries to think no thoughts at all

How can i bare all of life’s bombarding
The senses in continuous overdrive
To keep up with this exhausting rhythm
Though i never felt his much aliveness

As the cocoon slowly breaks and opens up
Life touches and tickles in many ways
This new found sensitivity is very special
It just requires time to learn how to play


The beautiful MM Madness of Scotland



Another week, another entry for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness.
This time the beautiful landscape at Glenfinnan in Scotland



The tree next to the window is now full of beautiful white flowers. The many layers of flowers create a great view. gonna work out some more interesting compositions, trying to use a low F for more depth unsharpness πŸ™‚

Blossom1 klein

Blossom3 klein

Blossom5 klein



Wooldsche Veen

Went for a stroll this weekend and came home with a few nice results. This image is taken in a bog close to the border with Germany. The pathway is heightened so you wont get wet feet. Most of the time it’s very quiet in there, creating an atmosphere of solitude and peace. Very lovely bog with quite some rare species.

Nature’s Quarry



This is an image of a quarry where they used to mine for lime. Nowadays it’s a protected nature area where nature is free to roam. It already is succesful; since a few years a pair of Eagle Owls is breeding there. In the past when i was younger, i would go here at times to dig for fossils and pyrite (fools gold). So it was nice to visit it at the view day. This is an image of a part of a long side of the quarry. You can see the layers very clearly. In the front there is a bit of grass, beyond that is 30 meters down! Always wonderful to see how much influence perspective has on an image!


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Lila klein

This is a detail picture of a small bush in my parent’s garden. Lovely lila flowers. Had to use flash as it was a bit late, but i’m actually quite pleased with the unsharpness it created in the background.. Gardens can be so inspiring for me as a photographer πŸ™‚

Branch in the water

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A branch in the creek
Creative Commons License

Tried to create some depth in this picture by using the fallen branch in the water. Used a longer shutter to capture the flow of the water and create reflections in the background. This picture was taken on the same spot as the old bridge, but this time i was standing underneath the bridge in the water πŸ™‚