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XXX: The Fortress

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More fun with photos!


Deepest Blue


Peacock at the Children’s Farm

Ode to the Peacock

They call you stubborn, arrogant and proud
But to me you’re just really beautiful and stout!
Impressing the lady with your many loving eyes
Which lady would not fall for such a surprise?

Lake Reflections


Hilgelo met Riet en molen

The clouds reflect on themselves
As they drift off in the evening sky
Contemplating their existence
They’re sure to vanish in thin air

The water is receptive to all
View and motion touching
Its surface while the deep
Remains still and unmoved

The mill stands proud
As a tiny point in history
She carries the past in her bones
Long gone on this present day

Standing on the shore of the lake
I see that natural and man-made
Are not so different after all as
Each is contained in the flow of life

Red Desert Sand


Red Desert Sand klein

Australian sand is beautiful with its red color. Especially in the Northern Territory and the northwest of Queensland we’ve seen many miles of it and actually drove a bit on dirt roads. Amazing to see and when it’s pristine like this, the details become enhanced. It was a real treat 🙂