Mostly photography, with the occasional philosophical contemplation

The Gathering



Cows at Night

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yesterday while going home after photographing the milky way i found this cow shed which created a lovely mysterious atmosphere


The Eye


Het oog

For the best view, see it large!

This image is the result of playing around with a photograph of a rainbow. At times i have a creative mood in which i start with an image and use the photo software to create something entirely different, most of the time fictitious and abstract. But it also resembles something of me and the creative process.

Now that i wrote that last sentence, i realize this also goes for this image. Life can be bright and colorful, if i am able to look and see it with my own eyes. If i block the view, life turns dark. But as the eye shows, its always up to me to take a look. Life is there, i just have to open my eye to experience it.

And to go one step further, i like to see the world not as different from me, but as one interdependent whole in which everything is interconnected. Nothing exists by itself, and yet nothing is entirely separate. All is contained within the whole.

All is well, even if nothing is well. And so i embrace the darkness and see it as the light of my own being…

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A Poem

The reach for the soul

Longing for nourishment it seeks

An unknown deeper level of soul

A gateway to another dimension

One where there is no separation

A continuous flow emanates

Into darkness and emptiness

Our true other side of being

From here the light shines

The poet knows this

And thus he seeks out for the darkness

Knowing that on the other side

His soul awaits