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Fierce Fire – 911

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As i posted yesterday’s post, i suddenly had an insight how to enhance the effect of the flowers by changing the colors of the background to a firelike red color. So i like to show this one too, if you want to compare check yesterday’s post Flowered Fire-Cat.

A bit double, but i like the result so i thought i should share it here πŸ™‚ And this happens to be post 911 lol. Bring in the fire brigade!


Flowered Fire-Cat




A few pictures from August this year, when there there were celebrations in my hometown. We have a parade with all kinds of big and small vehicles made of flowers, and these two pictures are details from one of the larger ones. Bright light as you can see, but nonetheless i think they show how the front of the wagon looks πŸ™‚

The Bull of Flowers

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This creation is mostly made out of Dahlia flowers. Every year at the last weekend of August there is a big celebration called Volksfeest (people’s party). One of the main components is the flower parade. The contestants make beautiful creations and stick all kinds of colored dahlia’s on the wagons to try and impress the jury. I liked this wagon the best from this years parade. In the final score it ended second in line. Pretty good result, but the fun afterwards is just as important to the locals here πŸ˜‰