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May all beings be free from all the inner and outer suffering
May all beings live from the heart while resting the mind
May all beings experience ever increasing happiness
May all beings find the peace within that is forever lasting



Found a new spot

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Yesterday i wandered away after a tough day to relax myself a bit. So i took off with the camera to a sight where the kingfisher was spotted. Along the way i kinda guessed my way through and i ended up in a nice and new spot in my hometown. I realize there is so much more to explore in my surroundings 🙂 Please scroll down and enjoy!

To start of with a picture, i choose this one:
Flow in the creek_klein
There is a nice creek flowing through the forest i visited. I could easily see why a kingfisher would want to be there. Lovely fresh water with a lot of great fishing water.

After that i sat for a while enjoying the silence of the forest when i started to focus some more on mushrooms, which are very early this year. Here are some of the shots i took:
Mushroom B&W_klein
Paddenstoel op bosgrond_klein
It was nice to be out with the macro telezoom lens again. This time i noticed how much i have missed being outside in nature playing with the camera. It was like coming home again, not having to do anything but wander in nature and enjoy its presence.

To finish here are a couple more (abstract) pictures from yesterday and the day before. Including big spiders 😉

Creek in the city_klein

Spider in web_klein

Spider in web2_klein

Verweerd Kruis_klein