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Marina Cape Helius


marina1 marina2 marina3 marina4 marina5 marina6 the-lighthouse

A few images from last weekend while in Hellevloetsluis. A beautiful marina with calm water created the perfect opportunity for some nice sunset shots. And a special for you: the lighthouse is a bonus 😉



While trying to capture two Greylag goose, i didn’t notice the camera settings were set to manual and were set for photographing in a shaded part of the forest. So the settings were a little too much to get a sharp photo of the geese, but it created this image. Transformed it to black and white since there was hardly any color left lol

The Tree and the three of Orion


Tree and Orion4

While trying to capture some nice images of a mill i noticed this tree with the stars in the background. Tried a few shots and actually got quite a good result. Rushed home again to warm up and see the images. Right of the tree you can see the three stars of Orion’s Belt. A clear night this evening and even at the edge of the city there were still plenty of stars to see!

Knight of Edinburgh


Knight of Edinburgh

As there is a castle in Edinburgh, you also need knights to defend it. So they placed two statues at the gate. This is one of them, i’ve converted the image to black and white for a little more drama 🙂

Flowers in contrast

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Played a bit with the RAW file when suddenly this came to life. So i stopped further processing and i was actually thinking to increase the blue in the background. But i’ll show you the ‘original’ first. Have a great weekend all of you!