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8: Shine



The Little Dragon


Still use the first camera once in a while, its a small compact camera (Canon Powershot 470). Really great for macro photography. So probably should get a macro lens to have a bit of fun πŸ™‚ As the temperature is rising, soon insects will start to flourish again. And that means that the dragons will also show up again. These images were shot in the garden, and the dragonfly you see is a Common Darter. Played a bit with colors and black and white for this result





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A Dragon’s Smile part II


This is one of the first photos I posted here on this blog. Came across this while checking the archive on the pc and I thought it was worth to share with you. A little bit different composition and edit makes this new lol. And I guess most of you haven’t seen this beauty before. Take in the smile and have a lovely day today! You may rest and enjoy a nice sweet Sunday πŸ™‚

Dragon’s Coat

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Dragon's Coat6

Last friday the Common Darter came visiting again and landed on my fathers jacket. I find these dragonflies very interesting, not only because of their nice look up close but also because of their acrobatics in the sky. True and natural helicopters, they soar the sky with amazing agility and precision. Last year i had the opportunity to study them and i noticed that they are skilled and ferocious predators. No insect is safe once they’re within reach.

Note to the smaller beings: So don’t be fooled by the smile, little insects, and respect the dragon(fly) πŸ˜‰