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Along the Coast



Magical and mystical, the coastline of northern Queensland Australia.. really nice vibe to it all, even with clouds covering the sky!

Lake Tekapo

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Lake Tekapo FB

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This is a redo of an older photo from back in 2008. Two photo’s which happened to fit together combined and enhanced with the skills i’ve picked up in the years. Let me know what you guys think, and as always, have a great weekend!


Isle of Skye in the mist

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Isle of Skye in the mist_klein
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The Isle of Skye and Scotland in general seem to attract lots of clouds and mist. While on the Isle of Skye, we basically had two days of mist with an occassional sunbeam shining through the clouds. But the good thing about it, is that it creates a mystical atmosphere, one which fits the Island. This is one of the pictures i took while driving around the beautiful island.

Sydney Coastline

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When we visited Sydney back in 2010 we also did a boat tour to the world famous Bondi beach. Up there a friend and i took a long hike along the coastline. Along the way we had this magnificient view of the coastline. Couldn’t resist taking a photograph.. a new hobby was born back then, and only last year did i realize it 🙂