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First attempt at HDR


HDR gemeentehuis2_klein
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Today i was riding home when i noticed the moon almost full above our town’s city hall.. so i decided to try a HDR picture. I’m still working on finding out how it actually works, but to me it looks pretty cool for a starter.. i don’t think it will be my thing completely, but it’s nice to try something new though πŸ™‚

let me know what you think, what software u use and any tips are welcome πŸ™‚
Have a great (photographing) weekend!

Utrecht Central Station

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Utrecht CS3_klein
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Last sunday i was in Utrecht, the 3rd biggest city in the Netherlands. While on the station i had to wait a bit so i got out my smartphone and took a picture of the building-in-progress of the new city hall. Think i’ll have to go back one day to experiment with this building, cause there’s probably a lot possible with all the nice window reflections πŸ™‚