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Eagle Owl

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Made a new version of an earlier post

Such an impressive bird. Guess it comes with the looks πŸ™‚




Last week we had a day out with the colleagues at work and we visited famous Dutch castle Muiderslot. Took a few shots to make a panorama/wide angle shot and gave it a bit of a personal touch. This is the result πŸ™‚

A bit of Scotland


Dunvegan IMG_9958 IMG_9958-2

Edited a couple of pictures from Scotland, as i was inspired by another person who posted some amazing photographs. Really tried to focus on details within existing images. The first one of the Dunvegan Castle is the total image, the other 2 are cut-outs from different images. Fun to look at photos in this way, as you create entirely different scenery πŸ™‚

The day after is always a bit foggy

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Mist klein1

Mist kleinzw
Took this image (2 photographs stitched) the day after a good friend of mine got married at a stunning location at the edge of the Veluwe, the biggest natural land area in the Netherlands. It was a tiny bit foggy that morning lol

Click on the image for a larger version (2000px)

De Haar Castle



One of the biggest castles in the Netherlands, De Haar castle is a truly amazing sight. Picture taken by my parents and the post-editing done by me. Would love to do some long exposures at this spot on a calm and cloudy day πŸ™‚

Night at the Waterfall



Played around with an image from the archive of the Dunvegan castle water garden. Tried to create a nightlike atmosphere. Let me know what you think!

Urquhart Castle


The castle

Today i felt like looking into Scotland’s photos again. Found one i didn’t post before, of the infamous Loch Ness. We didn’t see Nessie, but we did see Urquhart Castle from a distance as we drove alongside the lake. Took this image with the telelens and enhanced the background a bit to remove the layer of grey over the mountains. Lovely memories, photographers paradise! πŸ™‚

Dunvegan Castle

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Dunvegan Castle1
Dunvegan Castle
Creative Commons License

One of the many castles in Scotland, this is actually only one of two we visited while on holiday. The other being Edinburgh Castle.
This castle is located on the nort-west part of the Isle of Skye and the view was amazing. And the castle gardens are beautiful too!

btw, there is a strange orangy coastline all along the island and it’s also visible here on the second photograph. Guess it’s some kind of kelp πŸ™‚