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The Hague


First two images of The Hague city, in the west of the Netherlands. The first image shows a lot of ministries and the royal library. The right shows the business center with a love of tall buildings and a special construction made for the trams which pass through the streets. Very interesting to be in a city more now and to be able to explore the cityscape. There will be more images to follow, but as always i start with my personal favorites πŸ˜€


2,5 kilometers


The length of the Millau viaduct is 2,5 kilometers. And yet, when you’re driving over it, it’s over before you know πŸ™‚

Fireworks bringing us 2016



Captured a bit of fireworks last night with my parents cam. Turned out pretty great, thanks to the group of people who lit all those nice fireworks.

Wish you all a great and inspiring 2016 with wisdom to guide you, love to lead you and your heart to be open and flowering. Basically, enjoy your life! πŸ˜€

Old Volvo

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Volvo klein
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This old Volvo was standing in the streets of Rotterdam. I remembered seeing an edit of another car and wanted to try it myself too. This is the result. Funny thing is that on another site where i posted this picture, someone mentioned that another user had photographed the exact same car earlier. I did see that picture, but i didn’t realize it was that the same car..

Have a nice weekend all!