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Wallaman Falls

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All the way down to the basin of the Wallaman Falls, the highest single drop waterfall in Australia. The area is filled with beautiful pristine rain forests and has a great natural camping ground. Really enjoyed our time there back in 2010. And this one will certainly be featured in the photobook. I actually made the first selection for the book. So finally it’s underway ūüėÄ


Work in Progress

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Yes! I’m working on the photobook.. in the mind that is lol.. i’m getting all ready to open all them different folders and copying the best images…
And in the mean time i’ve also been thinking about creating a watermark. Does any of you know how to make a watermark out of an image? I would love to use this image as it reminds me of a beautiful holiday in Australia back in 2010.. good thing to have sweet memories attached to all my photographs lol

Waimakariri River



Saw this image some time ago on the blog, but as the years passed, i also learned a bit about horizon. So i edited this image and straightened it. One of the great memories from back in 2008 in New Zealand, we camped at this river called Waimakariri or Waimak for short. Very rocky and as it was the dry(er) season, not so much water. Wonderful stars at night and this beautiful scenery during the daytime


Kangaroo on the watch


Wonderful sighting at Mareeba Rodeo Ground. Every night these wild kangaroos came onto the camping ground to feed on the grass. Pretty impressive to stand face to face with these friendly kangaroos. Some of em were very tall, man’s height. Here you can see them at sunset¬†with termite hills in the background.

Camping with Kangaroos

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Camping with Kangaroos

Best camping ground in the world: Mareeba Rodeo!! Although we missed the Rodeo by less then a week, we still got a little feel of the Rodeo. But to me the best attraction of this camping ground is the group of Kangaroos which comes here every night and leaves early in the morning.. Beautiful sight next to all the camper vans and mobile homes!