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View over the Vragenderveen


As promised some more pictures in a gallery of the Vragenderveen with the watchtower. Really amazing view over the bog, which covers quite a large area. They even got Crane birds in here, wonderful to see them. Don’t know whether i’ll be able to catch them on camera though as they’re very much secluded





Vragenderveen is a bog close to the town of Winterswijk. The bog has 3 names, but it’s one big natural area. I was surprised at the size of it, seeing it from a watchtower which reaches approximately 15 meters in height. A photograph from on top of the platform will be posted soon, but first one from ground level with the late sunlight shining through the trees.



Wooldsche Veen

Went for a stroll this weekend and came home with a few nice results. This image is taken in a bog close to the border with Germany. The pathway is heightened so you wont get wet feet. Most of the time it’s very quiet in there, creating an atmosphere of solitude and peace. Very lovely bog with quite some rare species.



After making the first multitude image, the creative process wasn’t done yet. So made a few more versions of the photo ‘Mist in the forest’ 

Please click one time for a larger version!

Multitude klein Multitude3 klein

Multitude3-goed Multitude6 klein

Multitude7 klein Multitude7-2 klein



Red Admiral


Atalanta closed Atalanta open

First of all, what a cool name for this butterfly! In Dutch this species is called Atalanta – after the Latin name, but Red Admiral sounds very cool 🙂 Today I’ve got two photographs, one with the wings closed and one with the wings opened. Luckily the butterfly was buzzing around my head and landing close by so i could should both. My personal preference goes out to the wings closed, since this side of the wings is so incredibly patterned and colored. And yet, with it’s wings fully open, it’s also a beauty.. why would i make a choice anyway lol..

Reflection in the Ditch

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A couple of weeks ago i posted some pictures of a sunset at the bog. When i got back i saw this beautiful reflection of a fence in the ditch, but it was too dark to make a good picture. Yesterday i heard cranes were sighted, so i decided to go back and took my camera with me. And ofcourse, the first thing i did was taking this photograph. I like the depth the reflection creates!

And the cranes.. saw them close by when i almost got home again lol