Mostly photography, with the occasional philosophical contemplation

The Dock of the Bay

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Very nice canvas hanging in the apartment where I’m staying atm


[edit] updated the image, found out i’ve uploaded a low quality version [/edit]


Going Forth

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For now a small break from the writing with images as i notice i like to share some photos too. This one was taken back in 2013. It was very impressive to stand in front of the Forth railway bridge near Edinburgh back in 2013. Such an amazing sight. And then to think it’s over a century old. I tried to create a bit of a mood in this picture. Really worked with the light and the contrast here, to emphasize the bridge and the clouds.

Marina Cape Helius


marina1 marina2 marina3 marina4 marina5 marina6 the-lighthouse

A few images from last weekend while in Hellevloetsluis. A beautiful marina with calm water created the perfect opportunity for some nice sunset shots. And a special for you: the lighthouse is a bonus 😉

The harbor of Hellevloetsluis


hellevloetsluis zonsondergang-haven

Visited the town of Hellevloetsluis for a weekend off with my former roommates from college time. And as i knew we were going to be close to the sea, the camera went along. Here are a few shots from the two sunsets we´ve seen during the weekend.

Panoramic Seaing

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Beach Panorama kleiner

Click here for a bigger version

Last year in September we enjoyed our last day in Croatia with a dinner at the beach close to Split. Had my camera with me and shot this panoram of the beautiful sunset

Bath’s Finger


Bath Finger klein

Bath is a lovely city in the south west of the United Kingdom. It’s got its own Ponte Vecchio. At this bridge there is this cascade of artificial waterfalls which looks pretty nice. Played a bit with the perspective, to give it a personal touch as it reminded me of a finger.

Wish you all a happy Easter

City of Deventer

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This is part of the skyline of the city of Deventer in the east of the Netherlands. I’ll be working here starting next wednesday. Lovely city and a nice skyline. I’ll surely photograph this skyline more often in the coming months 🙂

View over the IJ in Amsterdam


Het IJ Panorama3_2
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Click one time for a much larger version!!

This is a panorama of the view we had last sunday while following a couple of interesting lectures on health and meditation. Took my camera with me and it was a good choice. Made a couple of nice pictures and this one is my personal favorite! Still love the processing in Photoshop and then seeing the end result popping up 🙂