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Late in The Hague

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Crossing through the City

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Business centre of The Hague city with the metro line running in between the buildings

Made for Mitza


mondriaan-klein winterswijk-klein2 winterswijk2-klein winterswijk3-klein winterswijk4-klein

As my dear blogging friend wrote in one of her comments, she preferred to see the picture of my hometown in color. So why not post them right away? Hope you like em 🙂

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Under construction


Across the street where I live, they’re building a transit display for public transportation. Don’t know what it will look like, but it’s fun to see the structure rising from the ground. The skeleton is now standing. Used HDR technology for this image

Evening Lights


Zadar zoom

This is a picture from the pier of Zadar, taken in the blue hour just after sunset. In the right corner you can see lovely tall white buildings which form the edge of the old city centre. The boulevard is a beautiful and broad walkway where you can stroll nice and easy, with an occassional bar or restaurant next to it. If you walk to the left from here, you will get to the Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation, 2 great inventions created and designed by a local inventor.

Coastline of Split


Kustlijn van Split

An image from the holiday in Croatia. After i realized i couldnt find a proper spot to shoot the sunset at the end of the park at Split, i walked back and luckily i found this nice view of the bay of Split. The isle on the top right is called Uglijan. This isle is famous for its pristine blue water and nice white sandy beaches. Perhaps something to check out later 🙂

The old city


Old centre of Zadar WP

The old city centre of Zadar is very beautiful. A former Roman forum now hosts the St Donatus Church. The forum is very big and wide and open, so it gives a good view at the church. During the day the area was crowded, but luckily as dusk approached i could get a nice clean shot of it during the blue hour.

Venemans Mill

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Last night i took this picture (used 3 images for this one) of the Venemans mill in my hometown. The mill is lighted in the evenings as you an see. They’ve restored this mill in 1997 and i think they’ve done a marvelous job!

Have a lovely weekend all!


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Today it was pretty cold. There was no real colorful sunset, but at the same time a lot of fog was developing. So i decided to take a few pictures of it and post 2 of them here. Hope you all had a great Christmas with friends and/or family and that you are ready to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new! Happy last week of 2014!


Foggy klein


Foggy ZW klein