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1: You – an ode to Nature


Touched by the immensity of you. Even though i can hear the traffic in the distance, in here there is only you.
You whisper so softly in my ears. Your sweet melodies are composed of the finest tunes.
Blackbirds chatter as a Robin sets the stage for an impressive solo. The symphony is intriguing.
You just leave me speechless time after time. Just being here with you is enough.
In here everything can be. Everything i wanted to say has lost its importance.
Insects dance in the late sunlight, while the water calmly follows the stream.
In your green arms i can finally rest. Ever so gently, the night settles in.



Black (&White) Bird


Merel klein

My entry for this weeks Monochrome Madness, hosted by Leanne Cole. Check out her lovely website and stunning imagery at http://leannecole.com.au/


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Blackbird Female2-2 klein

Blackbird2 klein

These two Blackbirds were very easy to approach. They didn´t hide when i got close to them. As the lady Blackbird went into the bushes it might very well be, they have a nest in the front garden. That would be interesting 🙂
Wish you all a lovely weekend

Mistle thrush


Lijster WP

This Mistle trush was foraging on a small area of land still undeveloped. There was a lot of activity going on with blackbirds and a White wagtail, but as the trush was the closest i focused on this bird. Here you can see the bird with a small worm it just catched.  Have a great weekend all of you!

Taken with Tamron 70-300mm telelens.


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One of the reasons i wanted a telelens with my camera, was my conviction that it would be nice and fun to photograph birds. Little did i know a year ago lol.. only now i’m starting to understand the camera, but well.. some things just take time. Yesterday i took some pictures while doing work at the children’s farm and today i went on a (electric lol) bicycle ride with my mom and we’ve seen a lot today. This is a small selection of what the camera caught for me and you!